Frequently Ask Question

What is Textured vegetable protein?

Artificial meat that is closer to the quality of texture, taste and appearance of real meat. The result of the latest innovations in the food sector from quality soy protein to high protein and low cholesterol meat.

How to Store Proteina?

Proteina is safe to store at room temperature. For products that have been unpacked but are still left over, close the packaging tightly and store it at room temperature or cool temperature. If Proteina has been wetted, it must be processed immediately at least 1 hour afterwards.

Is Proteina safe for consumption for children?

Proteina is safe for consumption by children and families every day. Basically, children need protein and a variety of other foods to get a balanced nutrition.

Is Proteina safe for consumption for pregnant women?

Very safe. Proteina is good for health and protein needs of pregnant and lactating women. However, if you have certain allergies to certain ingredients listed on the label, it is advisable to consult an obstetrician for more.

Does Proteina contain preservatives?

Proteina contains no preservatives at all.

Is Proteina safe for vegetarians and vegans?

Of course it is safe, all Proteina products have been certified safe for vegans and vegetarians.

What is the composition of Proteina?

Proteina is made from pure soybeans that have been separated from the oil and without other ingredients.