In the Asian region, in recent years the demand for alternative meat has increased rapidly, especially in several countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand. As indicated by ADM's Consumer Research Study, in Southeast Asia this situation is caused by several factors including the health benefits obtained from the consumption / diet of animal meat.

In the Covid-19 pandemic situation, it cannot be denied that the habits and characteristics of consumers also change. Those who used to be less influential are now starting to pay attention to the source of their food.

As a source of protein, consumers are starting to switch from animal protein to vegetable protein because it is safer and cleaner, and consumers already know the good effects of nutrition, taste and texture of vegetable protein.

Protein is a nutrient needed for every human being to maintain the immune system. These new products from vegetable protein can be said to be a new trend, innovative and nutritious. With knowledge from the media about health and good nutrition being maintained during this pandemic, plant-based food companies must prioritize the availability of goods so that products can be easily reached by consumers.

Nutritious and delicious

The taste and texture that resembles real meat from plant-based foods also play a big role for consumers to enjoy their delicious food. The taste of cuisine from delicious, textured and nutritious plant foods that consumers want will continue to be developed by culinary experts.

By 2020 it is expected that there will be more plant families formulated to make plant-based foods such as: soybeans, legumes, nuts and seeds.

Comfortable Innovative Selection

In 2019, vegetable protein replacing meat in burgers is making a very significant upward trend. In the following years, the trend began to expand and enter other local domains, including in Asia. Vegetable food has been developed into a variety of dishes, from dim sum to animal meat dishes that do not contain animal meat, to new trends in how to cook vegetable protein, such as boiling, seasoning with sauces or in soups.

In this new normal era, eating at home is becoming a new habit during a pandemic. Consumers feel safer and more comfortable to cook and combine their preferred flavors at home. The key to the success of cooking from plant based foods is its delicious taste, and texture similar to the desired animal meat.

Seeking a New Future

Understanding consumers question what's on the label, they value health and nutrition with convenience. Consumers are also starting to look for safe alternatives to meat from plants to minimize the risk of health problems resulting from consumption of animal meat, as well as create a healthy environment from a balanced food system. Companies must prioritize labels and in some cases can add some functional and health benefits to pave the way for plant-based foods and drinks to be increasingly accepted by the wider community in this new normal era.